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At MotorWorld Hyundai, we want to make sure that you get the most car for your money. When you shop for a new Hyundai car in Wilkes-Barre, PA, we look for one that suits your budget while also offering the most features and perks, and one thing that can make your car easier to afford is a trade-in. Take your current model and just bring it to our dealership! You can then put its value towards a new Hyundai car or crossover.

Trading in your car isn't hard at all. You can value your trade on our website to get a better idea of how much it's worth. Then, clean it out to make sure that you're not leaving anything behind. What could be more annoying than realizing that you left something under the seat or in the glove box of your old car? Next, get the proper paperwork and trade-in your vehicle. We need your title and any financing information on your current vehicle, like if you have a loan out on it right now.

The Hyundai financing process takes off from there. We work with our wide network of lenders to find a loan that works for you. We let you know if you qualify for any of our special offers. Best of all, that trade-in of yours could make a big difference! The typical down payment is for twenty percent of its worth, but with a trade-in, you might be able to pay more upfront and finance less with a loan. You might even be able to upgrade to a higher trim level, or maybe a more expensive vehicle. A good trade-in can give you a lot more flexibility in the car buying process and our financing experts will help you make the most of it.

So visit our Hyundai dealership serving Stroudsberg, PA and see how easy it is to work with our financing experts. We'll help you find the perfect car today!

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